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GUIYANG, China, July 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Eco Forum Global Guiyang 2021 will be held from July 12th to 13th. As the only national-level international forum in the field of ecological civilization, this forum not only showcases the world’s latest ecological civilization thoughts and achievements, but also tells the inspirational success story of Guizhou’s green growth and sustainable development.

In Guizhou, people can easily enjoy charming scenery. For instance, they can feel the fresh air on Mount Fanjing and see the clear Liuchong River. During China’s 13th Five-Year Plan period, the public satisfaction of Guizhou’s ecological civilization has been at the forefront of the country.

As the first batch of national ecological civilization experimental zones, 30 reform achievements of Guizhou have been promoted by the Chinese government. In 2020, Guizhou’s forest coverage rate reached 60%, the number of days with good air quality in cities above the county seat of the province reached 99.4%, and the good water quality rate of outbound sections of major rivers reached 100%.

A good ecological environment has become the symbol and the greatest advantage of Guizhou. Leonidas Rokanas, Ambassador of Greece to China previously participated in Eco Forum Global Guiyang. He said to the journalist of, “Guizhou has a good ecological environment and attaches great importance to the construction of ecological civilization. It is the most suitable place for hosting this forum.”

To accomplish these achievements, Guizhou has deeply implemented the concept of “clear waters and green mountains are as valuable as mountains of gold and silver”, and firmly given equal importance to the development and environmental protection. Eco Forum Global Guiyang has become a catalyst for change.

During China’s 13th Five-Year Plan period, President Xi Jinping has been paying great attention to the construction of ecological civilization in Guizhou and issued a series of important instructions. The concept of “clear waters and green mountains are as valuable as mountains of gold and silver” has reshaped the development process of Guizhou.

For instance, in Haique Village, the verdant pinus armandii forests have witnessed the transformation from a barren landscape to lush greenery. In Zongling Town, the coal mine in the past has turned into tea gardens. Ten thousand mu of tea sea has become an important source of income for local villagers.

It is noted that the problem of the ecological environment is fundamentally that of economic development mode. Only by accelerating the formation of green production and lifestyle can we ensure that the sky is bluer, the land is greener, and the water is clearer.

In recent years, Guizhou has implemented a green economy development plan, vigorously developed green agriculture, manufacturing, service industry and finance, and built an ecological economic system, contributing to sustainable development.

Leonidas Rokanas told, “the ecological and environmental challenges facing mankind were becoming more and more arduous, and we urgently need to find a new way of development. Eco Forum Global Guiyang had strongly promoted the development of ecological civilization and would create a better future for our planet.”

Yukio Hatoyama, former Prime Minister of Japan, said at the previous Eco Forum Global Guiyang, “The Chinese government recognized the importance of respecting and coexisting with nature, and it can be seen from this forum.”

Yves Leterme, former Prime Minister of Belgium, said to, “it is extremely important and meaningful to combat the problem of global warming and protect the ecosystems. This forum can provide an excellent opportunity to solve important ecological challenges, and achieve sustainable development.”

Eco Forum Global Guiyang 2021 will be held soon. Guizhou will more fully and comprehensively display the achievements of China’s ecological civilization construction.

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